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Have you heard of the new and improved cod ghosts aimbot ? Here you can download it for free and get the best of any confrontation with your enemies. The call of duty ghosts aimbot is the perfect tool to achieve killstreaks with ease and should be part of your arsenal if you really want to become the best cod player.

Everything about the recent reports of call of duty ghosts cheats and hacks. It's just once a day, the new and promising shooter call of duty ghosts is released for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and the first videos, cheats and hacks already appear on the Internet. Especially the multiplayer games like CoD ghosts is always a popular destination for some players using cheats or hacks like an aimbot to gain an advantage over other players. Although this is usually always pretty well protected, so that one taken very difficult is basically working cheats.

But here is the story in principle always a cat and mouse game that not rarely that when such multiplayer always ways and means be found to still use cheats. In a video that surfaced recently on YouTube, the conversation between a hacker and a player is to see, which is using a pirated version ercheaten many experience points were. It reported the citing a YouTube video website.

The first alleged call of duty cheats have surfaced on the Internet
The first alleged call of duty cheats have surfaced on the Internet - image source: Activision

After the video according to the cheat or hack is limited however to the special version of call of duty ghosts and not to the regular version. In addition to 65,000 experience points the player in the video even features a wall hack, as well as an aimbot. Thank God it is not yet in the right version so far and we hope that this remains so. A reaction from the developers from the House of Infinity Ward is still pending.

Are there any cheats for call of duty ghosts?

A question that not only we in the comments of our articles about the game seeing again and again, but also in numerous forums and the question is other games blogs, functioning call of duty ghosts cheats in the form of immortal or GODMODE, a the a Wallhack aimbot. As mentioned above there is no proper cheats and there will not be probably also. Especially since one is broken not only own the game fun with the cheats, but also other players. Certainly will be tackled cheater again, so you you can cut fun even in meat there for 2 minutes.

Even if there are some Web pages and video on the Internet that promise you alleged call of duty ghosts cheats for multiplayer, we can discourage only urgently. Often, any malicious malware programs hidden behind such programs. Let the finger of alleged cheats for call of duty ghosts and you earn experience points by busy playing and a little discipline. What does one have the best cheats if you don't master the game.

If there is more information about the submerged on call of duty ghost hack and if this really worked or we are just a fake, as soon as possible clear up when more information is known.